Are You Concerned about Your Kids’ Behavior?

Are You Concerned about Your Kids’ Behavior?

Understand the Causes of Your Kids’ Behavior

We’ve all been there…

…the times when we’ve wished we could change our kids’ behavior!

  • the morning struggles before school and work when you’re pressed for time.
  • meltdowns at grocery stores while everyone is watching with disapproving eyes.
  • bedtime overwhelm when everyone is exhausted.

Would you love to free yourself of the whining, meltdowns, tantrums and power struggles? Would you like more cooperation from your kids?

Perhaps you have typical ups and downs with your kids and want to know how to respond better to frustrating behavior?

Or maybe you have a child who frequently gets irritable, anxious, aggressive, destructive, defiant, or angry? Some kids have more serious behavior issues or may even have a diagnosis of a significant behavior or mood disorder. Life can be extremely stressful when you are dealing with frequent outbursts of negative behavior.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing the typical frustrating behaviors of children or you have kids with serious behavior issues, I can help you to determine the underlying causes. Some of these possible causes may be surprising to you.

Looking at negative behavior as a symptom of an underlying issue can help you to figure out what to do. When you know the cause of the problem, you can more easily address it and you can even put the joy and fun back into your parenting.

Why is your child acting out?

Let’s take an in-depth look at why children do what they do.

The underlying problem might be very simple, or it may be a more complex mix of several things going on. Let’s break it down and go over some possible things to consider that might be going on with your child.


Possible Underlying Causes of Kids Behavior

Authoritative parenting or permissive parenting: Is there a better way?

Learn the pitfalls of authoritative and permissive parenting and what truly works for lasting respect and cooperation.

Learn more about Authoritative and Permissive Parenting


Do you have a strong bond and a close relationship with your kids?

Kids need to feel valued, listened to, and honored for their unique selves. When you give this type of quality attention to your children, you validate them. With this sense of validation and trust that you are on their side, their need to push back, rebel, or act out can greatly diminish.

Learn more to Create a Strong Parental Bond and Connection with your Kids


Do you understand the motivation behind the behavior?

If you can understand your child’s motivations and reasons behind their behavior, you can take the right steps to change the situation.

Learn more about Your Child’s Motivations and Reasons Behind Their Behavior


Can you be your child’s emotional coach?

Your kids need you to be their emotional coach. They need to learn to feel comfortable with all their challenging feelings. They need to trust that you can accept and help them with their full range of their emotions.

Learn How to Be Your Child’s Emotional Coach 


Why do your kids trigger you?

When you’re in those frustrating moments you need to know there’s way more happening than the defiant child in front of you. Understanding the deeper motivations behind your child not listening to you is critical to eliciting a healthier interaction.

Learn more about Why Do Your Kids Trigger You?


Do you have unclear or unrealistic expectations of your child?

Do you understand brain development and whether your child is developmentally ready to cooperate with rules and expectations?  Learn more – coming soon


Do you truly understand the unique power you have as a parent?

Parents are given the power to fully affect and shape the life of another living being – either positively or negatively. What are you doing with this power?

Learn more – coming soon


Do you know how to set effective limits that will stand the test of time?

Setting limits respectfully is one of the key foundations of healthy parenting. Coming soon


Are there physical underlying conditions and imbalances affecting your child’s brain and behavior?

Learn more about the possible physical underlying conditions and imbalances that might be affecting your kids’ behavior.

Learn whether Physical Imbalances are Affecting Your Child’s Brain and Behavior

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