Immune System Supplements for Children

Immune System Supplements for Children Excerpt from FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention, Randall Neustaedter OMD, North Atlantic Books, 2005 For more in-depth information on boosting your child’s immune system, get our free e-book, Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System at CureChild Children can take a few simple, specific supplements to maintain a strong and vital immune…

Living in Harmony with Colds and Flu

By Jane Sheppard

Taking care of sick children can be a rather challenging aspect of being a parent. Waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of your child’s cough, feeling your child’s feverish body, and cleaning up vomit is something you may be familiar with. We all knew there would be times like this in our parenting experience. It’s inevitable that kids get sick. It’s a necessary part of growing up, a normal part of childhood.