Put the Joy Back in Your Parenting

Do you feel frustrated with all you have to deal with as a parent?

Many of you are overwhelmed and stuck in a difficult pattern of relating with your kids. Maybe you’re lost in the struggle of trying to manage your child’s troubling behavior or chronic health issues and you don’t know what to do. You may feel sad, frustrated, guilty or disappointed by your parenting experience. I imagine you are doing everything you can to have a happy, healthy family, while dealing with a lot of stress.

It’s become common for kids to have difficult and complicated (sometimes extreme) behavior and developmental issues, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness.

It’s heartbreaking when you don’t know how to help them.

Parenting is crazy hard. It may be the most difficult and chaotic thing you’ll ever do. It’s filled with conflicts and challenges you never thought you’d have to deal with.

What could be a joyful, fun and happy experience – parenting sometimes becomes exhausting, demanding and unmanageable. Nothing seems to be working and you don’t know what to do.


AND…there is an easier way to parent.

You can change what’s not working. You absolutely can create cooperation, harmony, health and well-being within your family. And you can feel so much better!

You’ll find a lot here on this site that can help you…

  • Discover the underlying physical, emotional, and developmental causes and triggers that are unique to your child’s struggles
  • Know how to prevent health and behavior issues and keep your family healthy
  • Find reliable, truthful and substantial information about toxins in your home so you can make truly informed decisions to protect your family
  • Manage your stress and your reactions to your child’s behavior
  • Build connected, cooperative relationships with your children

So that their behavior transforms, and they are healthy and emotionally secure.

So that they can thrive and reach their full potential

And you can have the harmonious, joyful parenting experience you’ve always wanted, as a balanced and happy mom.

Let me be your guide

Jane Sheppard CPC, NBC-HWC - Founder

I’m Jane Sheppard NBC-HWC

I provide individual and group coaching, support, education, and resources that will help you with all of this. It doesn’t happen overnight – it does take time to unravel your patterns, release your struggle and create the trust, respect and connection you need to transform your relationship with your child. But the joy is in the journey, and I will support you every step of the way.

As a Master Certified Parenting Coach…

I support you in managing your emotional stress and triggers, repairing the disconnection with your kids, and restoring your relationship so that your children can hear you and respect and trust you.

And I teach a beautiful process that helps you to become clear on your limits, boundaries and your agreements with your kids – and to follow through with these in a mutually respectful, honoring and powerful way.

You will know how to bring yourself into emotional connection, and you will have the tools and strategies that really work. You will know what to do in your difficult parenting moments.

I’ve been teaching moms about holistic health and well-being for themselves and their children for over 25 years. I have extensive training and experience in coaching for over 10 years, and I hold these certifications:

  • Certified Peaceful Parenting Coach
  • Master Certification in the Jai Institute for Parenting Transformational Parenting Process
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
  • Epidemic Answers Health Coach
  • Somatic Awakening Practitioner
  • Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner

What makes me different from other parenting coaches?

I am an intuitive, empathic listener. I am trained in mind-body energy medicine, somatic healing, positive psychology and peaceful, empowered, transformational parenting. I blend my knowledge, expertise, experience, intuition, wisdom, and insight with effective tools and education to help you move through your most difficult challenges with your children.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I can support you in getting to the root causes of your child’s difficult health and behavior issues. Recovery is possible from chronic conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, allergies, eczema, behavior and mood disorders, and I can guide you in finding the answers that are right for your child.

I have the unique ability to help you with both the behavior/emotional aspect and also the chronic physical health issues, which is a very rare thing in a parenting coach. I take a holistic approach to understanding behavior issues, and this leads to huge benefits to both you and your child.

It’s heartbreaking to see kids struggling

depressed woman sit in underground

So many kids these days are experiencing compromised health, diminished brain capacity with limited ability to focus and learn. Some are having frequent intense and even violent emotional outbursts.

It’s heartbreaking when you don’t know how to help them.

We are in the midst of a devastating chronic health epidemic in the U.S. with more than 54% of children with at least one chronic health condition. School nurse’s offices are filled with inhalers and epi-pens, and this is considered “normal”. 10% of kids have ADHD and 1 in 36 have autism.

This is unacceptable to me. Since I know that healing can happen and these health and behavior issues can be reversed. And this is why I do this work.

My inspiration to do this work comes from my own struggles and parenting journey.

Mother and baby walk on country rural road in pine forest

Long-term antibiotic use as a child, along with a family environment of stress and trauma, set me up for decades of chronic illness. I struggled for a long time, but I was determined to learn what it takes to create health and wellness. I began my healing journey around age 30, with organic whole foods and holistic healing modalities. I began extensive study into the causes of chronic illness and the pathways to healing.

When I became pregnant at age 35, I began extensively researching children’s health and learned everything I could to raise a healthy child. I had a home birth, and I gave my daughter the foundation of long-term breastfeeding, good nutrition with organic whole foods, herbs and supplements, healthy attachment, mental and emotional well-being, and a mostly non-toxic environment. She thrived as an exceptionally healthy kid.

I learned about the toxic threats to babies and children and how to reduce the worst exposures in our homes. I became passionate about examining the research, investigating products, and I formed an advisory board of doctors and scientists.

I began the Healthy Child Newsletter to share what I learned with other parents, and then started the Healthy Child website in 1997. My extensive blog has hundreds of informative posts for parents to find the help and information they need.

Here is the most important thing you need to know


The healthy foods, supplements and treatments will help, but you are not going to create lasting health and true well-being and harmony if you are in an environment of emotional stress and overwhelm.

To create real change, you need to address both the emotional stress AND the underlying physical imbalances.

I grew up believing I was inadequate and unlovable. I held that belief for many years until I set myself on a path of deep healing.

I raised my daughter completely on my own under stressful circumstances. I was a single mom with no financial help and no family available. I had intense insomnia, and I was stressed, worried and tired much of the time. This stress kept my chronic health issues going. It was a huge challenge — so overwhelming that I wasn’t sure I could handle it and I made a ton of mistakes.

I had done enough of my own emotional healing to be what was considered a “good parent”. I always believed in my daughter and she grew up knowing she is valued and loved.


But it was difficult for both of us because of my own triggers and reactions to her intensity and strong emotions and behavior.

During those years I was constantly striving to understand myself and my own triggers while trying to create trust and emotional safety for my daughter. I learned how to stay calm and be in empathy with her, and how to turn our power struggles around.

My daughter is now 29 and is independent, confident, empowered, with a strong sense of who she is. I am blown away by the amazing woman she has become. We are both very aware of and dedicated to healing our intergenerational trauma. It’s an ongoing process – a profound and rewarding journey with many gifts.

As I look back at my parenting in the early years, I regret that I had to figure it out all alone.

  • I needed someone to support me through all the difficulties.
  • I needed someone to help me understand those intense feelings and what to do when I got triggered.
  • I needed someone to help me gain clarity on my values, my boundaries and how to set healthy limits without getting all the pushback and rebellion.
  • I needed to know how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of parenting a strong child.
  • I needed someone to remind me how important it was to take care of myself, so that I could show up as the mom I wanted to be.
  • I needed someone to guide me into the conversations that really mattered with my daughter, to coach me in how to gain her cooperation while honoring her powerful, determined spirit.
  • I needed someone to help me know when it was time to let go of my agenda and control so I could more fully understand who my daughter really is.
  • I needed the education and actual tools. I didn’t have that, so I muddled through it.
Sad little child, boy, hugging his mother at home

With what I know now, I realize I could have been a better parent, and I could have prevented so much struggle for my daughter if only I’d had the support and guidance I really needed.

I could have made it so much easier on myself and had a more joyful parenting experience, but back then there were no parent coaches – at least not that I knew of.

This is why I became a Certified Parenting Coach. And I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach so I can help you navigate the complicated waters of the multiple underlying causes of chronic health and behavior issues.

I’d like to help you to heal the difficult challenges and build the kind of relationship you want to have with your children — to save your family from conflict and pain. I’d like to help you to release the worry and exhaustion and begin to enjoy parenting.


My biggest passion is to help other moms to deeply love themselves, to understand their reactions to their child’s behavior.  And to heal the underlying issues that lead to power struggles, stress and anxiety.

And beyond that…

I believe it’s tragic for a child to grow up not feeling absolutely positive about their value. I want every child to be seen, heard and understood by the people who they love the most. To grow up truly loving themselves and able to be present, loving and emotionally secure in all their relationships.

It’s fascinating how we can feel like we “have it all together” until we have children. Parenting can bring up everything within us that needs to be healed.

I am here for you if you are ready for a change. I can help you overcome your current parenting challenges, establish a deeper connection with your kids, create a whole new level of cooperation within your family, and feel a lot better about parenting.

I’m creating short and powerful courses for you because there is a lot that you can do on your own. And if you need more individual help, just ask.

The First Step to Parenting Joy

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