Wool is a natural fire retardant material used in many organic mattresses. It is generally free of added toxic fire retardant chemicals. “Organic” wool, taken from “organically” raised sheep, is especially pure as the sheep are raised on organic feed with special care taken to ensure their humane treatment. However, most wool used by mattress manufacturers is actually not organic.

In adult and child mattresses, wool is an excellent, natural, and luxurious fire retardant material. However, its use in baby products is questionable. A precautionary approach should be taken since babies are potentially susceptible to high allergy materials such as wool and other animal hairs.

Wool has long been associated with allergies, particularly in children. For example, wool intrinsically contains lanolin and certain alcohols known to have allergenic properties. Other allergens originate not with the wool itself, but with the chemical treatments applied to it when processed.

Wool does wick away moisture very well, and can be considered “water resistant”, but wool will not waterproof a mattress. To prevent wetness from penetrating into an organic mattress with cotton/wool, you will need to use some type of waterproof pad to avoid ruining the mattress from baby fluids.

Naturepedic waterproof mattresses strive to be as non-allergenic as possible and, as such, do not contain any wool.