Organic Kids Mattress

Prevent Health Problems with an Organic Kids Mattress!

Typical kids mattresses are full of chemicals. Most mattresses for kids provide direct exposure to chemical off-gassing that children breathe and absorb while sleeping on mattresses 8-12 hours a day. Their brains and immune systems are still developing, and they have limited ability to detoxify these chemicals.

We have done over 20 years of extensive research and have found the highest quality and best non-toxic, organic kids mattresses on the market so you can create the healthiest organic bed possible for your kids.

Healthy Child is devoted to the health and well-being of your family.

  • Research You Can Trust – Over 20 Years
  • Experts in Environmental Toxins and Non-Toxic Material

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I’m a mother myself, and I wasn’t aware of all the toxins in mattresses 25 years ago when my daughter was born. The scariest thing I realized when I began learning about the toxicity was that our kids spend about a third of their day in their beds. It’s the most up-close, long-term, continual exposure to kids’ delicate brains and bodies during the critical period of development.

Some of the chemicals in mattresses are linked to these health issues:

  • lower IQ
  • hyperactivity
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • altered sexual development
  • early onset of puberty
  • developmental issues
  • cancer

Even more importantly, sleep is the time when the body goes into repair mode and attempts to detox. The last thing you want is to be adding more chemicals into this process.

I’ve been on a journey to help families provide the safest environment as possible in their homes, especially the beds their kids sleep in. That’s why I founded Healthy Child in 1997. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve done the research to help you to determine what you need to protect your kids.

It can be very confusing since there are so many companies out there claiming their mattresses are organic and non-toxic. It can make you crazy! Anyone can call their mattress organic and non-toxic and there are even labels that make you think that polyurethane foam can be certified pure!

All of our mattresses here on Healthy Child are entirely GOTS certified – the safest, most stringent standard for organic mattresses. The entire mattress is GOTS certified, meaning that all of the components within the mattress are approved by GOTS, as well as the factory and the suppliers of the materials. We know the individual materials and components are not harmful in any way.

This is important since there are mattresses on the market that say they are GOTS certified, but only the cotton or possibly the wool is certified, not the entire mattress. Since the entire mattress is not certified, it’s everyone’s guess what they are using – for fire protection, glues, coverings, etc – unless you have the time to look deeply into it like we have.

Imagine having better control of your home environment and being free of toxins in the place where it really matters – your child’s sleep environment. And ultimately having a safer home for your family.

If you need help choosing, click here to determine which mattress is best for your child.

Make an investment in your family’s health and well-being by buying your organic kids mattress today! 

  • Research You Can Trust – Over 20 Years
  • Experts in Environmental Toxins and Non-Toxic Material

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