Do you Have an Intense, Challenging, Spirited, or Sensitive Child?

Spirited ChildWell, most of us do to some degree. There’s a whole spectrum of challenges our children can express at different times.

If your child happens to be consistently more on the extreme side of the spectrum, he or she may have been given a label such as ADD/ADHD, ODD, PTSD, Attachment Disorder, etc. Labels like this have been created in order for health professionals to neatly define and treat a set of behaviors. If a child can be “diagnosed” with a disorder, then he or she can be treated with drugs or other therapies. That’s all the meaning these labels have. These are NOT diseases and it does not mean your child is abnormal or damaged.

Your child is likely a normal, spirited child with a unique way of being, trying to function in a world that doesn’t acknowledge or accept this type of expression. He or she may simply need help with some troubling physical symptoms or challenging behavior issues.

There is not any one particular pharmaceutical drug, herb, homeopathic remedy, or nutritional supplement that will “fix” your child. Each child is an individual with unique needs and can be nurtured and honored for their own uniqueness and abilities. Unraveling the symptoms and behaviors can be a little tricky, but there is a lot you can do to assist your child to be his or her greatest, happiest self.


I recommend two excellent books on the subject:

Embracing Your Spirited Child: A Transformational Guide for Parents of Children with ADD/ADHD, ODD, PTSD and Attachment Disorder

I was moved to tears when I read this amazing book. I love this book because I can relate to being a spirited, sensitive, misunderstood child myself. Had I been born 30 years later, I would probably have been labeled ADD and ODD. Tami Gulland does an amazing service to both children and parents because she teaches you how to recognize the unique gifts of your child. To be seen, accepted and loved for being our unique selves is the greatest gift anyone can be given. It can be truly transformative. Tami also points out that there is a tremendous amount that spirited kids can teach us and parenting them can be an adventure in personal growth. You don’t have to settle for constant stress and battles; you can have a deeper connection and increased harmony with your child. Tami Gulland shows you how to do this in this wonderful e-book.

The following link will take you to a page that tells you more about this e-book. Click on the link that says “embrace your spirited child” to find out more:

Stop the power struggles & hard feelings! Learn how to embrace your spirited child to create a calm, happier life.

Victory Over ADHD: a Holistic Approach for Helping Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This excellent book is written by a truly courageous mom. Deborah Merlin took matters into her own hands when she was told the only answer to her twin boys’ special needs was to drug them. She became a passionate researcher and devoted advocate for her children and helped them overcome their issues with non-invasive, drug-free treatments. She shares her story in her book, Victory Over ADHD: a Holistic Approach for Helping Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Her sons are now in college and living happy, healthy lives. She shares her insights on the factors that lead to their problems and goes into great detail on what helped them to recover. Experts have writtien some of the chapters in this book, and they go into detail on toxins in food, toxic metals, vaccines, EMFs, balancing the brain and body, and alternative approaches to healing. Deborah also shares the journey she had with recovering from her own health issues and attention problems with natural medicine. By addressing the root causes of her sons’ and her own symptoms with the removal of toxic foods, detoxification, and quality nutritional supplements, their journey to healing was successful.