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Heartbreaking and Happy News

I’ll begin with the sad news and then move on to what is happy and good.

After 23 years, we have closed the Healthy Child online retail store. We love the products and the wonderful people who continue to make the products. However, it’s not sustainable to keep it going in this continual economic decline. Customers understandably want and need lower prices and we can’t compete with the bigger guys who can offer that.

Rest assured – Healthy Child is not going away!

I will continue to provide education on alternatives to toxic products. It’s still my passion to provide you with reliable, truthful and substantial information so you can make truly informed decisions.

You’ll still find healthy products through Healthy Child. Simply use the menus on the site to find the products you need, and you can click through to purchase them from the companies that I trust. Healthy Child may receive a small commission when you make a purchase, and this will go a long way in helping me to continue to provide extensive information.

Here’s the biggest heartbreak…

The biggest heartbreak for me is in letting go of the people who helped make Healthy Child what it is. I want to send my huge appreciation to these amazing people.

Gaye Abbott

Gaye has focused her talents in customer happiness, vendor relations, order management and social media at Healthy Child for the past four years. Her deep inner values and concerns for children and all humans and for the planet is uniquely inspiring. Her many gifts include holding the vision, keeping our team grounded and creating clarity, connection and community. She is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and wise healer. As a mother of three grown sons and a grandmother of two, Gaye particularly loved her conversations with grandparents and helping them to get what they need. My dear friend for 27 years, Gaye through her own example has taught me the power of surrender and trust – which we are both deeply immersed in right now. Thank you, Gaye, for your tremendous contribution to Healthy Child!

Valerie Bettencourt

Valerie was with Healthy Child for twelve years as a strong and vital force, helping to keep us going through some difficult times as well as all the happy times. She wore a number of impressive hats, including customer happiness, bookkeeping, vendor relations, order management, and most significantly – certified parenting coach. Her intuitive insights, deep inner values, wisdom and heartfelt graciousness made a big contribution to Healthy Child.  Above all, Valerie values connection – especially with moms and with children. She is an amazing mother to an exceptional teen-age son, and she is a talented and brilliant parenting coach, helping moms to connect more deeply with their kids and themselves. Thank you, Valerie, for your tremendous contribution to Healthy Child!

Dawn Adams

Dawn made a vital contribution to Healthy Child with her remarkable accounting skills. She was a huge gift during a time when I needed extensive help, and she came to us with an extraordinary amount of courage, a positive outlook and “I’ve got this” attitude during an extremely difficult cancer journey. Her greatest love and devotion were her three sons and her grandchildren. I feel so blessed that I got to know her during this brief period of time. Dawn passed away peacefully on June 13, 2020, surrounded by her loving family. I am eternally grateful to Dawn and how she touched our lives.

Rob and Ruth at Fresh Eyes Consultancy

I extend my deepest gratitude to Rob Peters and Ruth Jarvis at Fresh Eyes Consultancy who continue to work with me from across the ocean in the UK. Over many years, they put an enormous amount of energy and skill into the ongoing design, creation, digital marketing and maintenance of our retail store and the entire website. They now continue to do the important work of transitioning the site into a coaching and education platform.

Which brings me to the happy news!

I am now free to do more of the work that continues to bring me the most joy and to truly help more families get the help they need.

I use my advanced parent coach and health coach training, combined with my unique expertise, research, experience, intuition, wisdom and effective tools to help you move through your most difficult challenges with your children.

I help parents replace ineffective or harmful habits and patterns with a more effective and peaceful approach to parenting. I help you have a greater understanding and a deeper relationship with your children so that you can have a more cooperative, fun and joyful experience. So that you can enjoy parenting!

Whether it’s behavior challenges or chronic health problems, I help you deal with the specific underlying causes of behavior issues, anxiety, depression, ADHD and developmental problems, and chronic health issues in your child.

I help you reduce your stress, overwhelm and confusion and take simple steps that will make a huge difference. You can discover the underlying physical, neurological, and emotional causes and triggers that are unique to your child’s struggles – and remove them. When you understand the causes and have a clear roadmap of how to help your child, it will change everything.

Parenting is the most difficult and important work on the planet. All parents need a little help sometimes. When you can establish and maintain a peaceful connected relationship with your child, everything changes.

I am teaching and coaching on several levels –

  • Writing articles and blogs
  • Educational Courses
  • Group Coaching
  • Personal Private Coaching

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Education and Support in Parenting

With Gratitude,

Master Transformational Parenting Coach
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Somatic Awakening Practitioner
Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner