Herbs for Postpartum Baby

By Susan Perri, Clinical Herbalist

Your little one is finally here, to enjoy and cherish. In the cozy space of the first intimate moments of growing into each other, both mother and baby can benefit from natural and non-invasive remedies for the common postpartum complaints.


Current research shows no link between colic and digestive disturbance, as had previously been believed. However, for the first eight weeks of life, a baby’s digestive system is maturing and working out all the kinks, so to speak. This natural process could have a role in the upset of colic. I often feel in witnessing these babies that there is some root issue of insecurity involved, that the transition from womb space to earth space has not been smooth. These babies need some extra closeness and attention to foster grounding and security about being here. Whatever the cause, most babies outgrow colic by the age of 4-5 months.