Is Your Child at Risk of Being Bullied?

Real Solutions for School Bullying

Since school is now back in session for many kids, I’d like to share a beautiful story with you. It’s a story about an amazing teacher who helps children who are struggling to connect – the ones who are being left out or at risk of becoming bullied by peers. She’s found a way to discover which child’s unique gifts are going unnoticed by their peers, and she learns who’s being bullied and who is doing the bullying.

Learn about this Amazing Teacher

This teacher knows that violence begins with disconnection and inner loneliness. She understands that children who aren’t being noticed will eventually resort to being noticed by any means necessary.

Let’s help create safe, welcoming, and inclusive schools

Last Spring I heard a presentation at a local fundraiser that literally moved me to tears. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school, but I know that school can be a place where some kids have their self-esteem shattered and their hearts broken. For some children, school can be a “minefield”, with risk, fear and potential danger. School is a place where children should feel a sense of safety and belonging, but too many are feeling unsafe and alone.

Did you know that 90% of elementary students have been bullied by their peers? It’s occurring at younger ages than before. When many kids go to school, they anticipate being made fun of, being left out and ignored, or threatened and bullied.

Bullying, particularly cyber-bullying, has become so common that it’s been normalized by indifference and bystander behavior. What do I mean by bystander behavior? It’s the kids, teachers, and administrators who know what’s happening but do nothing to stop it.

The presentation I watched was from Community Matters, a non-profit organization that creates safe, welcoming and inclusive schools through their evidence-based, SafeSchool Ambassadors program. They train kids to be “peace builders” – to speak up when they see or hear hurtful or harmful behavior, helping those who are most vulnerable and targeted.

It’s brilliant, really. Community Matters identifies the students who are the social leaders in their individual cliques – the ones that have the most influence. And they teach and empower these kids to be peace-makers by standing up for the kids being bullied and including those who are normally left out. They then have the courage and confidence to stand up and speak up when they see intolerance and injustice. They learn to be inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of differences.

In my opinion, this is one powerful way to create a more peaceful world.

Community Matters is one of the non-profit organizations that Healthy Child donates to on a monthly basis since we feel it’s a worthwhile cause. Check out Community Matters to learn how you can get them to come to your child’s school and help create a safer school.

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