Parenting Our Children to Reach Their Full Potential

by Jane Sheppard

What are the most significant things we can do to nurture happy, healthy kids?

We need to create connection on three levels:

1) Create and nurture a strong bond and connection with our children

2) Nurture a connection with our own intuition and inner wisdom

3) Allow our children to stay connected to their own internal guidance

Create and Nurture a Strong Bond and Connection with Our Children

To help our children reach their greatest potential, we must first create a strong bond and connection with them before, during, and after birth and consistently nurture and strengthen this connection throughout their entire childhood. Children who receive continual nurturing, plenty of loving physical contact, and have a healthy, bonded relationship with at least one parent know at a deep, core level that they are loved and valued for who they are – just because they exist. With a healthy sense of their value and worthiness, children can more easily tap into their natural state of happiness and develop their full potential. We show them how to love and value themselves by being present for them and tending to their emotional needs.

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