Having a Tough Time with Your Kids?

I talk to a lot of parents and what’s the biggest complaint? Kids don’t listen to simple requests.

Instead they act out with strong feelings and attitudes.

You’ll find tons of articles and books with plenty of ideas that are supposed to help you get your kids to behave so you can enjoy parenting. Maybe you’ve read some of them.

Did they work? Did anything change consistently?

Some parenting tools can be effective at times, but what about when you’re tired and depleted? What makes it so challenging to keep your cool?

When you’re in those moments of frustration and overwhelm, you need to know there’s way more happening than the defiant child in front of you. And there’s deeper motivations behind your child not listening to you.

Here’s the deal.

It’s difficult to interact effectively and peacefully (consistently) with your children until you clear the underlying issues and dynamics involved in your parent-child relationship.

Because what makes it so challenging is what’s going on in your head and heart when your child is acting out. This generally ties back into the way you were parented. These patterns and beliefs are so deep and subconscious that it’s difficult to even know they are there.

You need help to uncover what is triggering you and how to resolve it within yourself so that you can show up effectively and lovingly for your child.

That’s what I do. I deeply listen to your frustrations and help get you on track to understanding your specific family dynamics, your triggers and your needs so you’re able to show up for yourself first, and then for your children as the loving, caring parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Honestly, the way to deal with blow-ups is to get out ahead of it and pave the way to prevent them in the first place.

So what do you need to do?

There are several pieces to this puzzle, and in future posts I’ll be breaking it down and saying more about each one.

But I can say for sure that I don’t know anyone who can wade through the muck to get to the transformation that is necessary without help.

When you are emotionally equipped to deal with the upsets, you will be able to effectively assist your child with his or her strong feelings to move through the tantrums without anger or harm to your child and your relationship.

When you set boundaries and limits in a way that is respectful to your child’s growth and well-being, then everyone wins. You’ll be amazed at how your child will respond to the rules and respect your requests.

It seems like magic.

But it’s not. You have to do the work to get to this point.

When you take the time to do this work, your whole life will change for the better. The transformation from frustration and exhaustion to ease and happiness is profound. All of your relationships will improve and you can get on with your life feeling more empowered, free, relaxed, and happy.

If you’d like to talk with me to find out specifically how I can help you, schedule your free call here.

Take a half hour for yourself to talk with me. It could change everything.