Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

Whether transitioning from a crib, co-sleeper, or the family bed, there comes a time when children are ready for their own “big kid bed”.

Many kids begin sleeping in their own big bed between the ages of two and three, but there is no right or wrong time for this. For some kids, getting their own big bed is an exciting adventure. For others, it can be a major transition that brings insecurities and fears. Make the change only when you and your child are ready, and do your best to make it gentle and fun.

Spending quality time with your child will help make transitions easier. Make some extra time to sit and listen and play with your little one so they know you’re there for them. They will feel safer and be more inclined to explore their autonomy. Be there with the feelings that may surface and tell them you understand.

If there are other big transitions happening, like the first day of preschool, the birth of a new sibling, or potty training, don’t add this one at the same time. Make the transition a couple of months in advance or after these big events. Keep things as normal as possible and stick to your usual bedtime routine.

Empower your child to make some decisions about her new bed, like choosing the colors, and make sure her favorite lovey, animal or blanket comes along to the new bed.

Choose a Safe Mattress without Chemicals

Young children are vulnerable to the chemicals in mattresses. Most mattresses are simply a pile of chemicals – made from toxic foams, synthetic materials, additives, and dangerous fire retardant chemicals or barriers. Children spend from 8-12 hours every day in bed, and the materials your child is sleeping on make a huge difference in health and well-being. When the time comes, it’s crucial that the mattress you choose is non-toxic and chemical-free.

Sleep is a time for rejuvenation. When children go to sleep at night, their bodies go into deep repair mode, and the immune system attempts to get rid of the impurities. It’s difficult to detoxify if there is the additional burden of toxins coming from the mattress. Give your child a safe haven of natural, organic materials so his body doesn’t have to deal with more toxins.

Learn about how kids beds are a source of chemical exposure.

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  1. My son is about to need a big kid bed and because of his many allergies we are opting for a organic bed. Yes it may be a little more expensive, but his safety is worth it. We would consider ourselves overly protective parents.

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