Does an Innerspring Mattress Act Like an Antenna to Amplify EMFs?

Do innerspring coil mattresses amplify EMFs?

I’ve done some research into this theory and found that this claim is not supported by science. The one study that has been used as evidence was reported incorrectly by a blogger. This study actually stated that metal springs in a mattress have a field-attenuating influence, meaning that they weaken or decrease the field immediately above the surface of the mattress. According to the study, metal-containing beds may reduce EMF exposure on the side of the body closest to the mattress, but not the other side, which could be unprotected from EMFs that constantly flow throughout the room.

There is no science that suggests that innersprings attract, amplify, or magnify EMF beyond what’s already present in the room.

Of course, science is always evolving and continues to unfold. If you’re still concerned, keep in mind that the mattress EMF hypothesis is related to innerspring coils bound and connected with a long spiral wire. You might choose a latex mattress or a mattress with individually wrapped or pocketed coils. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric and not connected with wire. They are also more comfortable than innersprings.

Naturepedic has repeatedly tested their innersprings in various specific locations with EMFs. The tests were taken immediately above an innerspring mattress and then repeated in the exact location but with the mattress removed. In all cases, the EMF field did not change. They could find no discernible difference between what’s immediately surrounding an innerspring bed versus further away (except that EMFs increased further away when closer to an electrical source)

Are EMFs a Problem in the Bedroom?

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