Parenting in a Time of Uncertainty and Stress

Parenting Stress

How is the election impacting your family?

We seem to be in a time of unrest and uncertainty, and the current mood of negativity can be disturbing, especially for children. Kids are like sponges, and they are adept at tapping into the collective fear around them. They can sense the unrest, even if it’s not discussed in front of them.

As parents, we have the opportunity to create a strong emotional environment of empathy and support for our kids. Regardless of what your personal political views are, or what you think might be the cause of the pervasive fear and negativity, your kids might be getting all sorts of messages from other influences and they may be feeling some anxiety.

What do you need right now?

What feelings and messages are you tapping into?  If you have strong feelings coming up, take some time to deeply feel and express them in ways that are helpful to you and then consider what helps you feel more peaceful. You can make a choice to take the time to do at least one thing each day that will bring more peace and calm into your life. The better you feel, the better your children will feel.

What do your kids need from you right now?

Your children may resonate with your inner landscape and mirror your feelings and beliefs, whether fearful or hopeful. They need for you to stand in your calm inner strength and your leadership as a parent. From a solid place of peace and calm, you can be more present to help your children find their own voices and process their feelings about what’s going on.

We are being called as parents to raise up the next generation. We decide our family values, not the government. We decide our own vision for our family’s future, what we teach our children, and how we treat each other and ourselves. We are their primary examples and they will mirror what we exemplify.

How do you do this?

Don’t give into the fear and panic that’s rampant in the media. Unplug social media and hook up with your spiritual connection, your deeper truth and most important values.

Take some time each day to do whatever necessary to tap into an emotional state of being that nourishes you. Get into a place where you feel calm and peaceful and also more alive and hopeful.

Whenever you are feeling angst, do something nurturing for yourself… like take a walk in nature, meditate, breathe, talk with a friend, or go to a spiritual counselor. Put on some music and dance or move your body in some way so you release the tension and stress. Whatever it is that helps you feel better…do that.

From a centered place, you can more easily gain awareness and clarity to envision higher values for your family. What’s important to you? What is the greatest vision for your family? If this was your last day alive, what are the values that you want to leave with your children? What is the one message you want your child to know about humanity? How do you want your children to treat themselves and to treat others?

Stepping into your leadership as a clear, strong parent, communicate these values to your family from a place of calm and centeredness.

Hold the intention of well-being. Even though there is a lot that is beyond your control when it comes to what your kids are exposed to, you do have choices as to what you accept for your family.

Take this opportunity to establish a deeper connection and a stronger relationship with your kids. When you have a great connection with your kids, you can create a whole new level of peace in your home.

The work of parenting is deep and meaningful. It is the most important job in the world, and nothing will change the world more effectively than the way we raise our children.

(This post originally inspired by Jolette Jai, the creator of the Jai Institute for Parenting)

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