Are Crib Mattress Alternatives any Better?

Watch out for Toxic Crib Mattress Alternatives

Have you heard the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned more phthalates? That’s a good thing, since phthalates are hormone disruptors and developmental toxins. They can harm reproductive and brain development and have been linked to obesity and asthma. Phthalates are a definite risk to babies.

You certainly don’t want phthalates in your crib mattress!

Phthalates have been used as plasticizers for decades in vinyl covered crib mattresses since the vinyl needs a plasticizer to make it soft. Not all phthalates have been banned, and manufacturers can still use derivatives of phthalates or chemical alternatives that may be just as toxic.

Another thing that’s happening in the crib mattress industry is that manufacturers are beginning to replace the vinyl coverings with fabrics containing a polyurethane backing. This means the crib mattress surface is not waterproof and that’s a problem. Crib mattresses need to be waterproof to avoid baby sleeping on mildew, mold, and fungus.

And get this – some crib mattress manufacturers are spraying the top of the mattress with PFCs – perfluorinated chemicals – to make it waterproof. This is the same toxic stuff that’s in Teflon and Scotchguard. Not a good thing for your baby to be sleeping on!

Why is Waterproofing Important?

A baby mattress needs to be waterproof since babies can generate a lot of wetness during sleep. This can cause mold, mildew, and fungi in the mattress. It’s a health hazard, so you want to avoid getting any moisture into the surface of your mattress.

Another thing that can live in a mattress is dust mites, which can also be a problem for your baby. A waterproof crib mattress also protects against dust mites.

What’s the Best Way to Waterproof a Mattress?

Plastic is currently the only viable way to make a mattress waterproof.  But some plastics are quite toxic – like vinyl. Food-grade polyethylene has a simple molecular structure and does not contain phthalates or other unsafe additives. It’s the safest plastic available.

Naturepedic takes it a step further and uses a bio-plastic to waterproof their crib mattresses. They use polyethylene made from non-GMO sugarcane. Naturepedic mattresses are the ONLY crib and baby mattresses that are waterproofed with non-GMO sugarcane. There is no petroleum in their waterproofing! This is the healthiest waterproof baby mattress you can buy.

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