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I Love Greens

Healthy Kids Books

It’s important to begin teaching children about healthy food at a very young age. Kids begin to form healthy eating habits as young as babies/toddlers.

Valya Boutenko is a children’s book author. She writes books that teach children about eating healthy in a fun, inspiring, and engaging way. These beautiful books make great gifts for children. Valya is also on a mission to get more books into the hands of kids, and has created a campaign to donate books to schools throughout the U.S. The only thing getting in her way is the shipping costs.

Here’s Valya’s amazing deal:

Donate to her Indiegogo campaign and you will not only get a book (or books) just in time for the holidays, you will also help inspire young children to form healthy eating habits. For every book purchased via donation, she will donate a book to a school in the U.S.

I personally read these books and highly recommend them. There is no “agenda” about food that will get in the way of anyone’s views on food. The books gently encourage a love of fruits and vegetables in general, and do not get into specific dos and don’ts. In one book, “I Love Greens” children learn that all animals eat some form of green plants, even lions and whales. This is fun and surprising information for kids. The book “Fruits I Love” is just a series of playful rhymes about fruit. The book “Will You Love Me Still” is a story about how a young girl unconditionally loves her rambunctious kitty. And finally, the book “Gift From Little Bear” is a story about how berries are good for everyone.

Check out this wonderful project today to donate and get your books before the holidays!


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  1. At younger age, we also didn’t liked to eat veggies. Instead we loved to have candies, pizza’s in short all junk items.. But in this changing world, it is important that we teach our future generations to be fit and healthy. This includes the healthy eating habits.
    Your blog helped in finding the books which can be helpful in teaching them the benefits of veggies and fruits. Thanks!!!!

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