Transforming a Flawed Belief into an Extraordinary Life


A story about transformation, love, community, and wedding bliss

For most of my life I believed I was unlovable. I created this belief as a child, and over the years it became deeply ingrained in my psyche. I “knew” there was something wrong with me, that there would never be a man who would want to create a family with me. So of course all my relationships proved that to me. Over and over again.

The belief that I’m unlovable was so strong that 22 years ago I made a decision to have a child all on my own. So I put my heart and soul into loving my daughter and being the best mom I could be. And beyond that, I did the necessary work of re-parenting myself and learned how to fully love myself. For many years, I did deep transformational work…

…And my life became extraordinary.

I now have a loving tribe, a community of people who love and support me. People I know I can count on. My relationships are deep, meaningful, honest, and full of fun, with open-hearted laughter and tears.

About 6 years ago, an amazing, loving man came into my life.  I know without any doubt that he loves me for who I am. I can be vulnerable and truly myself and he still loves me. So on 7/30/16 at the tender young age of 57, I walked down the aisle in my beautiful ivory dress and married this man. And our wonderful community stood with us, honoring and supporting us in our vows and our commitment.

communityThe loving, joyful energy at this wedding was so palpable that people are still telling me how profound and inspiring it was for them. There was so much love happening that day.

I’ll briefly share a quick story about my 5-year-old flower girl and her transformation. Nayelli really wanted to do the flower girl thing, but she was not quite comfortable in sharing herself in that way. And it really was ok, I didn’t need her to be anything other than herself. She walked down that aisle and did her flower girl thing in her sweet, guarded, cautious way. Flower Girl Transformed

Later at the reception, she tapped into the energy and joy of all the love around her and went from feeling guarded to a happy, dancing spirit joyfully tossing petals everywhere!

For me – this wedding was nothing short of miraculous. That I could go from accepting that I would spend the rest of my life pretty much alone to being such an open-hearted giver and receiver of love, support, and joy in all my relationships.

It all comes from deeply loving myself. I know beyond any doubt that there is nothing I ever need to do to prove my worthiness.

And neither do you.

What story have you been telling yourself? What beliefs do you hold about yourself that are keeping you from truly experiencing deeper love and connection with your children, your partner, your family? Would you like to transform these beliefs with the support of a loving coach?

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  1. What I know is that this is presented simply, written beautifully and full of love and generosity. I think those of us in your orbits who missed this wedding know we missed something special, but there is a consolation – we can be near you and the love you share whenever we see you. I love to watch you love and be loved. So glad you are happy, Jane. I am not at Fork anymore which actually means I might see you on the dance floor very soon. Thanks for sharing your story. May we all know the astonishing light of our own beings. T

    1. Thank you Trish for these beautiful words! Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor and getting to know you better in that way. Forks will never be the same without you.

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