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What’s Causing Your Child’s Meltdowns?

Does it feel like you’re in a constant battle with your child? Are you dealing with frequent emotional outbursts – intense meltdowns, defiance, explosive anger, or aggression?

Sure, all kids have tantrums. But does it seem like your child’s meltdowns are intense and extreme?

Maybe you’ve been told your child has ADHD or ODD or a mood or behavior disorder – or you might be wondering if the behavior fits one of these disorders.

If you’ve tried everything to help your child and nothing consistently works, you’re not alone. Many parents are experiencing the same thing and are feeling frustrated, exhausted and powerless.

When your child explodes into a rage over what seems like nothing, what can possibly be going on?

Imagine the intense behavior as the tip of an iceberg. Most of that big chunk of ice lies below the water. What lies beneath your child’s behavior?

What if you could discover the underlying physical, emotional and developmental causes and triggers that are unique to your child’s struggles – and remove them?

This blog series will help you figure out the causes so that you know what to do. Because any steps you take to change the behavior will be pointless if you don’t know what’s causing it.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the solutions.

There are many pieces to the behavior puzzle, and in this series, I’ll break it down and give you what you need to know about each one.

Here is the outline of what to expect in each blog post:

1. Is Your Child Purposefully Defiant or Emotionally Stressed?
Is your child intentionally being defiant and disrespectful or is the intense emotional outburst a stress response?

2. What Causes Kids to Become Stressed and Explosive?
We all know what stress is. But what if your child doesn’t look stressed? When your child explodes into a rage over what seem like nothing, what can possibly be going on?

3. Underlying Physical Issues that can Cause Aggressive Tantrums
Did you know that aggressive behavior and frequent meltdowns can be the result of physical imbalances in the body and brain? These possible underlying physical causes might surprise you.

4. Is ADHD, ODD, or a Mood Disorder the Cause of Your Child’s Meltdowns?
Most people think that these diagnosed conditions are the cause of the negative behavior. But when you can get beneath it and figure out the causes (physical, emotional, and developmental) of the behaviors that make up the diagnosis, then you are on track to help your child thrive and you can bring harmony into your home.

Then we get into the solutions…

5. How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Cooperate
If you’re frustrated and tired of trying to get your kids to listen and cooperate…here’s what you can do that will make it so much easier for you.

6. How to Help Your Kids Through Their Worst Meltdowns
I give you a 4-step plan of what to do in those moments when your child is acting out with strong emotions or even violent aggression – and how to deal with it after you both calm down.

7. How to Prevent the Meltdowns and Create Peace in Your Family
This is the long-term plan to remove the underlying causes and establish a deep connection with your child to create lasting respect and cooperation. Learn how to parent so your child will thrive and your whole family will feel better.

Ok let’s get started …

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  1. Absolutely! It’s useful to think of a tantrum as a reaction to a situation a child can’t handle in a more grown-up way say, by talking about how he feels, or making a case for what he wants.

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